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Hot Potadough
2 min readApr 22, 2022


Hot Potadough has been a passion project for Patoshi and Potalik. They worked on the concept for almost a year, after discussing with many communities and finding out what they want most from a project, it boiled down to two things. Trust and sustainability.

Yes we can dox ourselves but what does that prove? that you know our names?, great… It’s still not enough. Doxed projects still to this day, raise a bunch of money and then just slowly die out. Who profits? THE CREATORS, the members ultimately loose and that doesn't sit right in our hearts. Our whole ecosystem is geared to reward our community to buy and sell our NFTs, we didn't create this project to make quick cash. We created it to solve an ongoing problem that still hasn't been solved.

Our team has literally spent thousands of hours to find a way to create sustainability for new comers to have equal opportunity to also benefit from our project.

As much as projects don’t want to admit this, most of them operate as a pyramid scheme. The ones at the top win and as it slowly trickles down, ultimately becoming riskier and riskier the chances of loosing become much greater.

So how did we solve this?

By implementing vertical sources of revenue streams in our timeline, during each phase we mapped out strategic opportunities that our members can capitalize on and earn profits.

We cant disclose in full detail as to what we are doing but believe us when we say this, we got a lot of great things in our pipeline, tech integration, sub collections and amazing passive income generators.

So for our first phase, the mint. The GENESIS collection of Hot Potadough, we want to establish trust and awareness with our community. We want to build on a solid foundation with the real flippers in the space. We want to give them an opportunity and show them what we are capable of doing when we all win together. We are here to stay and make a difference, introduce a new dynamic and show the potential and capability of a HUSLRS reward system.

We don’t want your money, we want your SUPPORT. That is more important to us.



Hot Potadough

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