NFTs have advanced rapidly evolved from just being a Profile Picture Collection. More and more projects adding utility into their ecosystem to benefit their members, thus creating more value to a projects worth.

The standard you hear these days (at the time of writing this blog) in regards to utilities are: Events, staking rewards, airdrops, WL collabs and giveaways.

Some projects over promise and under deliver, they put together an amazing animated video, splurge on influencer marketing and fool people. Show them the big shiny diamond give them the little pebble.

Getting caught up in FOMO and end up loosing happens to the best of us. Hell it happened to me a few times but we learn from our mistakes and move forward. Unfortunately this happens a lot in the NFT space and it leaves a bad taste in potential investors mouths.

It becomes more difficult for a creator to get traction if they are not a well known figure due to the mere fact of these past experiences.

Myself and Potalik faced these issues, posting day in and day out. Not getting much traction from the masses. We are not famous, nor do we want to be. Luckily for us we are always attending crypto events, wearing our brand with pride and conversing with like minded individuals.

Going to these events is fun and exhausting, now I’m not going to sugar coat it because if you know me Im a straight up person. I meet a lot of people on a daily basis but 70% are bullshitters and just waste your time. Half of these people are V.Cs (lol) and the others are marketers that can “sell out” your project (lol).

Our main goal was not to find a VC or associate with these marketers but to find NFT enthusiasts that flip NFTs and have solid communities. We interviewed over 100 people, some of which are really big O.Gs in the space (BAYC, CryptoPunks, Azuki, Doodles Holders). All of them had good things to say about these “bluechips” but also all of them were scared to liquidate their assets. The moment you sell those NFTs you loose all the perks that come with it. I’ll get back to this in a minute, first I’d like to praise these projects. Each of these projects started off at a super low price, they honored their roadmap plans and also went above and beyond. Big respect to the core teams for sticking through with their word and delivering value to their members.

Okay, back to this getting kicked out of the project after you sell it. We saw this as a weakness and an opportunity to capitalize on. Strength really does come in numbers, if you have an ever-growing community you create more opportunity for vertical business models.

Look at Gary Vee for example, the man has marketed himself to the point where if he had 10,000 jars with his fart in it (this is a real business, google that shit) he can sell this out.

No, we are not going to sell fart jars (sorry to those who have this weird fetish) but what we will do is roll out really cool verticals that will benefit our community financially.

One of the major milestones will be our own NFT marketplace, you’ve all seen how LOOKSRARE really started dominating the space by implementing rewards. Thats cute but the “HUSLRS MARKET” is going to be offering much more. LOOKSRARE on steroids in simple terms.

We are not a cult, we encourage our members to actively trade other NFTs. Our genesis collection will be the case study and birth to show projects that integrating a rewards system for your flippers can really benefit its entire ecosystem.

I can go on and on because I am super passionate about my project but unfortunately I’m going to cut it here, hope you enjoyed this post. If you haven’t already, go on our twitter. like, follow, comment, retweet. Show your love and support. That means the world to us.

Stay Huslin,



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