OG minters

This is a special role given to those who have minted our Genesis collection, we are very grateful of these individuals as they have put their trust towards our vision.

As a token of our appreciation we have allocated 1% of our secondary sales to be split up amongst these members. At the end of every month when we receive our payouts from the NFT marketplaces we will send out profits to these members. Wallet addresses used to mint the NFT will be the wallet address we will send the payouts to.

After the mint our team will take a snapshot of all wallets and create a multi-sig wallet to disperse funds to.

Members do not have to hold the NFT in order to receive royalties. It is a one time thing, they can sell their NFT and they will continue to get the royalties for 1 year.

We encourage our OG minters to sell their NFTs and spread the word of Hot Potadough. Follow us on our socials, retweet, comment and engage on our posts. The more people know, the more people will participate. The more people participate the larger their monthly royalties will be.

Our OG minters are individuals we have connected with over the past year, alpha members in the NFT space. Obviously we cannot put anyone and everyone on our WL but if your reading this (prior to launch, at the time of writing this) and you feel like your a true NFT degen, hit us up on twitter and maybe just maybe we will put you on the WL.

Personally I dont know how many people actually take the time to read my little blogs, and I dont really care. If my posts help even just 1 person I’m happy.

Have a good day frens,




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