First Omnichain Utility NFT

The first-ever transaction on Layer Zero was in March 2022, and the Stargate protocol already supports $3B+ in TVL. Layer Zero unlocks massive potential for innovation and transforms the user experience in crypto as we know it.

Currently, there is no way to truly have an NFT on any chain other than the NFT source chain. Bridging your NFT using Wormhole, for example, does not yield the real NFT on your destination chain. Instead, it locks the real NFT in a Wormhole contract, and gives you a synthetic replica NFT on the destination chain.

Hot Potadough is truly an omnichain NFT. Let’s look at what this means through an example. Let’s assume there’s an NFT collector by the name of Shanequa. Shanequa decides to mint her NFT on polygon, perhaps to save some gas fees. She later decides she wants to use her Hot Potadough as her PFP on Twitter (which currently only supports Ethereum Mainnet verification), so she uses the Layer Zero-enabled `traverseChain` function on Polygon, with the destination chain set to Ethereum. The result of this traversal is the official Ethereum Hot PotadoughNFT. Shanequa’s NFT can now be verified by Mainnet as an asset of the Hot Potadough Ethereum contract.

Hot Potadough is a proud cc0 NFT collection, aiming to pave the path of community-owned, chain-agnostic assets. The unique benefit to Hot Potadough is that the potential for future integration is no longer bounded by the realm of a particular blockchain and also rewarding HODLRS & HUSLRS (Flippers).

Omnichain NFTs are the future, this will become more and more clear over time. We believe that what Layer Zero has built has opened the floodgates for a whole host of new possibilities for the NFT space. With Hot Potadough, we are excited to show what’s possible in an omnichain world.

All projects currently only focus on benefiting Holders and scrutinizing the flippers. We believe this is wrong and feel it is right to also reward flippers. The more one flips in our project the more rewards they receive.

Hot Potadough is a proof of rewards concept leading towards our nft marketplace “HUSLRS market” we plan on launching this during Phase 3. Our marketplace will feature rewards for staking and flipping(other projects), less transaction costs then our competitors and a very clean and simple UI.



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Hot Potadough

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